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GRCA Enforces Visitor Limit At Elora Quarry

Web posted on August 02, 2017

The Grand River Conservation Authority is taking further steps to increase public safety and address concerns over traffic congestion at Elora Quarry.

Beginning August 3, the park will close its gates once it reaches capacity and no additional vehicles or pedestrians will be allowed to enter for the day. The maximum daily capacity of the park is 1,300 guests. On days when maximum capacity is reached, visitors are encouraged to visit other nearby Grand River Parks such as Elora Gorge, Belwood Lake, and Guelph Lake, as well as other local attractions in the area.

"The popularity of Elora Quarry has increased significantly over the past two years, placing a great deal of pressure on both the park and the local neighbourhood," says Cam Linwood, GRCA spokesperson. "It is causing significant traffic congestion and public safety concerns on local roads. Guests will have to seek out other parks like Elora Gorge and Guelph Lake if gates are closed when they arrive".

This is an interim solution for the GRCA. Staff will be reviewing park operations at Elora Quarry at the end of the season to determine additional measures that will support an enhanced visitor experience and public safety at the park in the future.

Elora Quarry is open daily from 10 a.m. 8 p.m. on weekends and 11 a.m. 8 p.m. on weekdays or until capacity is reached. Information on park status can be obtained by calling 519-620-7596. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early or call ahead if they plan to visit the park.

The GRCA set a maximum daily capacity of 1,300 guests in June 2017 to address overcrowding of this popular summer swimming location. Prior to August 3, park staff permitted guests to enter the park as space allowed.